Former party member. Goliath Warden


Name: Ulfgar
Species: Half-Giant
Alignment: Unaligned
Age: 28

Ulfgar began his life as a part of one of the few free tribes of Half Giants living in the mountains west of the city of Tyr. Less than a year before the fall of the Sorcerer-King Kalak his tribe was attacked by slavers.

He fought to what he thought was his death only to awaken bound in chains. He feels his failure to protect his family and tribe has left him with no honor.

After the Fall of Kalak, He found himself free from his short time of service in the gladiator rings of Tyr. Having no real connection to the city, he began traveling in a form of self exile as penance for his dishonor.

Eventually he found himself in the city of Balic looking for what ever work he could find, and came in contact with a young Nobleman, by the name of Soren, seek guards and guides to aid him in his trek to Tyr.

Current location is the Prancing Kreen working as a bouncer.


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