Dragonborn(Dray) Fighter


Anjhaaresh of the Dray

I was hatched from a rare egg. This happens, well, rarely, and when it does happen its not really sure if it might mean something or if its just a superstition. I was told that my egg had cleanly broken into two perfect halves when I emerged from it. Personally, I don’t think this really means anything, however, as I got older my parents always treated me differently as did everyone else I grew up with. I can’t really say how they treated me, but it felt as if everyone wanted to keep a large distance from me. Because of this happening and this is all I knew I was always trying to prove myself to gain acceptance. Growing up I never did gain their acceptance.

When I was old enough to start training one of the tribesmen did seemingly take a level of pity on me and trained me in the ways of the Fighter. The only odd thing was, the type weapons he used! He trained me in the use of dual kukri. At the time I thought nothing of this fact, however now that I look back on it, it was very unusual for a fighter to use dual kukri. His name was Balasar. He was very quick and was a trained Jazst Dancer. Once I saw him in action I knew without a doubt I wanted to follow his training. Years later I was past the point where he could really teach me anymore until I was able to get stronger and faster. It was at this point where I left the tribe to try to prove myself by becoming a Jazst Dancer. The tribe is located about a 5 day walk from Balic. It was in Balic where I started building a name for myself.

I spent the next 2 years fighting in the arena in order to hone my skills. I fought many opponents, but none of them were a match for my training. I did grow stronger, however I felt I was not growing fast enough! I needed more challenges! Little did I know that I was going to get my new challenge. Word reached my ear where there was a noble looking for trustworthy heroes for a job. No details were given for this job, but it promised of seeing the wasteland and there were surely more challenges in the world than in the arena. They seemed to really want me because they knew that my people were very trustworthy and loyal to their word…so long as it was shown the other way as well. I did not know how many others I would be in competition for this job or even if i would have to work with others, but it was only a few days until I would meet the noble at the tavern…

I met the noble at the tavern, and was very surprised to see that only a handful of others were there for the job. I did not know whether they were competition or allies yet. I did not speak to any of them until I had the information onto whether they are friend or foe, I do not speak to my enemies, its just better that way. After the noble began talking, he mentioned that he will hire all of us, there were 5 of us including the noble, whose name I learned was Soren Bloodseeker. The others were, and this is in no particular order, a seemingly hungry Thri-Creen, a most disgusting race, who went by the name of Ka’Tho. Then there was a seemingly “for the greater good” Goliath whose name was…well, it escaped me, I didn’t much care for the guy anyways, oh yeah! His name was Ulfgar. Lets see now, ah yes a Mul, he was, well, I really don’t know, he really didn’t speak up much, just a lot of nodding, I might actually get along with this one. I digress, His name was Sanozar. the noble went on and on about something or another, I really can’t remember, all I really remember is that he paid for our night and gave us a job. After that evening the noble told us to meet him the day after tomorrow in order to start our adventuring.


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